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News And Announcements

UpAds Latest Updates Oct 05, 2018

Hello everyone...

For our latest news and updates just visit our official forum here... TheWebEarners.

upads forum

About Forced View Ads Sep 24, 2018

Hello everyone...

For clickers... we know that being on Forced View is a little bit annoying especially to those working with multiple PTCs. Inasmuch as we would like to give you an easy clicking jobs, we as an advertising credits seller believe that we should also give QUALITY views or responses to our advertisers' inputs.

After all we are a Paid to Click website.

However, there's a little trick to avoid or minimize your burden...

Once you click on the ad do not wait for the timer to show and starts because it will begin to focus on the window. Jump immediate into your other tab and return after 10 secs or so (depending on the assigned time on the ad) to do the captcha and get credited.

On the other hand, once you came back and the timer isn't done the force view will still in effect so you will have to wait for the remaining time to run out to get the credit.

However, still we encourage you to take time reading on our advertisers' offers, who knows maybe an offer or two may benefit you.

Thank you.

TE and PTP features disabled Sep 08, 2018

We decided to disable the TE and PTP features.

Paypal Sep 03, 2018

Contact Us If you want to use Paypal for purchasing.

Lifetime Banner Space Ad Sep 03, 2018

Lifetime banner ad for a one time payment of $5 only, you can find it at the View Ads listing and will be on rotation for an unlimited time see here... Banner Page1.

If you are interested Contact Us for details or if you have an offer in mind don't hesitate just contact us and we'll talk about it.