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Multiple Ways to Earn Cash
(PTC, UpGrid, PTSU, PTRA and Offerwall)
Guaranteed Ads Daily
Detailed Statistics
Affordable Upgrades and Advertising Rates
Discount Packs
Minimum Cashout of $2.00

Signup Bonuses:
PTC Credits: 200
Banner Credits: 500
Featured Banner Credits: 500
Featured Ads Credits: 500
10% discount on all purchases

Daily Click Activity Bonuses
Cash: $0.001
Banner Credits: 100
Featured Banner Credits: 100
Featured Ads Credits: 100

Weekly Bonuses
Go to your Contests tab in your Account Panel for details.


You can advertise your website to help increase your sales and traffic. Enhanced management, Possible thousands of potential clients, Strong anti-cheat protection, Detailed statistics, Discounted advertising packs and 10% discount on all purchases.


A long-term coordination among clicking members and potential advertisers in the sense of giving steady earnings and good advertising conversions.

We are always open for your suggestions and all of our rates and services are negotiable just  Contact Us  for your offers.

Our latest  News and Updates.

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Special Discount Pack1
  • 5 Paid to Signup Offer Credits ( $0.25 Value )
  • 1000 Paid to Click Credits ( $0.25 Value )
  • 20000 Banner Credits ( $1.00 Value )
  • 20000 F. Ad Credits ( $0.63 Value )
  • 20000 F. Banner Credits ( $1.00 Value )

  • Site Statement and Disclosure:

    Up Ads is NOT an MLM, Pyramid Scheme, or Get-Rich-Quick program. We do not require you to pay any fees ever to join and participate in our site. We do not require you to have a website or sell any product to use our service. We do not require you to refer anyone to our site to use our service. You will not get rich by using our program. We are an internet advertising program in which you receive payment solely on the work you perform.